Thank you for visiting our website. It’s our ambition to share the love we have for good food and excellent wine (and sake and …). The recipes and combinations we mention on this website are hopefully inspiring and exciting.

All recipes are for two, unless mentioned otherwise. We think most of them are original, but then, what’s original when it comes to food? What is the recipe of an original risotto? And who can claim to own it?
Food is life, food is culture, so could we claim originality?

We don’t like using salt (except in very few specific cases). Taste should be the result of great ingredients, herbs and spices in combination with your care, love and patience when preparing your food. Not the result of salt, sugar and some E numbers. Next time you visit a supermarket take some time to read the small print and be shocked!
Once we bought some beef in a local shop. It said ‘beef’, so what do you expect? Well not beef injected with salt water. Yuk! Even our bin didn’t agree with it.

You will notice that our recipes leave room for interpretation. This is intentionally because we don’t think a recipe should be a detailed instruction. We don’t believe in micro management. We believe in you and your ability to taste, adjust, taste, adjust and be honest.
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